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Discover Paradise: Unraveling the Magic of Lakshadweep with Tourtly's Exclusive Tour Packages

Dreaming of turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and a tropical haven that feels like a world away? Look no further than the enchanting Lakshadweep islands. Nestled in the heart of the Arabian Sea, this hidden gem is a paradise waiting to be explored. In this article, we unveil the allure of Lakshadweep and introduce you to Tourtly's exclusive tour packages that promise an unforgettable island escape.

The Allure of Lakshadweep

A Tropical Symphony:

Lakshadweep, meaning "a hundred thousand islands" in Malayalam, is an archipelago of 36 mesmerizing coral islands. Each island boasts powdery white sands, crystal-clear lagoons, and vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. The untouched beauty of this tropical haven makes it a top destination for those seeking tranquility and natural splendor.

Unique Cultural Tapestry:

Beyond its natural wonders, Lakshadweep is a melting pot of cultures, with influences from Arabic, Maldivian, and Indian traditions. The warm hospitality of the locals, coupled with their rich cultural heritage, adds an extra layer of charm to your island experience.

Tourtly's Lakshadweep Tour Packages

  1. Island Hopping Extravaganza    :Dive into the diverse beauty of Lakshadweep with Tourtly's Island Hopping package. Explore multiple islands, each with its own unique character, from the bustling markets of Kavaratti to the serene beaches of Bangaram. This package offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.
  2.  Luxury Retreats on Agatti: Indulge in the lap of luxury with Tourtly's exclusive Agatti Retreat package. Immerse yourself in the lavish amenities of premium resorts, where every detail is curated to elevate your island experience. Enjoy private beach access, spa treatments, and gourmet dining against the backdrop of the azure sea.
  3. Adventure and Diving Expedition: For the thrill-seekers and underwater enthusiasts, Tourtly presents the Adventure and Diving Expedition. Dive into the vibrant coral gardens, encounter exotic marine species, and make memories that linger long after you've left the islands. This package is designed for both novice and experienced divers.                                             

Planning Your Lakshadweep Escape

When to Visit:

Lakshadweep welcomes visitors throughout the year, but the best time to experience its beauty is from October to March. During this period, the weather is pleasant, and the sea is calm, offering ideal conditions for water activities.

Booking with Tourtly:

Booking your Lakshadweep adventure with Tourtly ensures a seamless and personalized experience. Benefit from expert guidance, handpicked accommodations, and a range of customizable options to suit your preferences.


Embark on a journey to paradise with Tourtly's Lakshadweep tour packages. Whether you seek relaxation on sun-kissed beaches, cultural exploration, or thrilling underwater adventures, Lakshadweep has it all. Let Tourtly be your guide to this tropical haven, where every moment is a postcard-worthy memory waiting to be captured. Book your escape today and let the magic of Lakshadweep unfold before you!

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Travel Styles

Nature & Adventure

At morning start for Kochi airport same day at 8,30 am by (Indian airlines) we arrival Agatti Island After lunch we will come to Kalpitti Island with Glass boat which take 2'--hours, where you can enjoy the Beauty of Sunset, after sunset proceed back to room

Arrival Agatti Island

After Brackfast we start for Bangaram trip by Boat which take 1to 2 hours one way. On the way we visit Dolphins and Green Turties. Lunch will be provided at the beach of Thinnakara Island & our boat will bring you to Thinnakara Island local sightseeing, Sandbank, Shiptrack, Snorkeling& back to Agatti Island (According to the weather condition.)

Bangaram trip

After Brackfast you can try for Water Sports Squba Diving( own cost).Agatti Island Sightseeing. Lagoon beach, Andhan beach, Easten jatty etc.....

island sightseeing & Squba

This is the final day of Lakshadweep trip, after Breakfast transfer to Agatti Air port.same day at 10 am Indian Airlines flight start for Kochi Airport. Arrival at Kochi Airport at 11.30 am


(1)*Scanned copies of |.D proof (Passport/ Aadhar) (2)*Copy of Police clearance certificate(PCC) (3)*Passport size photo (JPG)

= Agatti Airport - This airport is including the beautiful 10 airport in India. = Agatti Sea Port /Eastern Jetty - Agatti Seaport is one of the international Seaport in lakshadweep foreign visitors can enter to Lakshadweep through this seaport. Over 300 meter length and 6 meter width Jetty, Passenger can enter directly to Ship = Lagoon Beach - This beach is on of the beautiful beach in Agatti island situated in northern tip of the island fully white sandy beach guest can enjoy sun set watch at this beach. = Kalpitty Island - One of the uninhabited island in lakshadweep . The island situated in southern tip of Agatti. # Thinnakara Island - One of the uninhabited island in lakshadweep . Thinnakara is nearby Bangaram, rent tourism is here domestic and international tourist are visiting every year .



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